Yr 6 leavers assembly and trip

20th July 2017
We say goodbye to our wonderful Year 6’s, who started in 2010 as our first 2 form entry cohort. They have certainly made their mark here at Christ Church School and ‘graduate’ with flying colours (which will be reflected in the balloons that you will see shortly hit the skies this afternoon to mark their passing on from us)! They have been a joy to teach and parents and carers should feel very proud.  They are certainly ready for their onward journey and we wish them all the best in the variety of schools that they go on to.  They have had an exciting week with their leaver’s trip to Freedog trampoline park and Za Za Bazaar restaurant at the beginning of the week, and then yesterday they still had the energy to entertain the whole school and their parents with a ‘Deal or No Deal’ extravaganza of acting, singing, and careful mimicry of staff (!) in an attempt to free themselves from 7 years of Christ Church School!  An amazing effort Year 6 and the year 6 teachers and teaching assistants!  
Yesterday the Year 6 leavers mocked and mimicked the staff to full extent!  There was laughter and tears to be shed and the school hall was full of giggles.  Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and the fun was contagious.  Today we bid the Year 6’s good bye and good luck on their travels.  

This week it was finally time for Year 6 to have a fun filled day out, where they celebrated their time at Christ Church in style. First the children headed off to Freedog Trampoline Centre, where the children flipped, flopped cartwheeled and jumped till their hearts content, and, miraculously, we all left injury free! Next we headed to Zaza Baazar for lunch - the children stuffed their faces at the all-you-can-eat buffet and there were definitely a few 'Bruce Bogtrooter' moments! It was an absolute pleasure to take the children on this trip as their behaviour was impeccable. It really made the teachers realise just how much they are going to miss their wonderful little faces...que the tissues!