Yr 5 Maths

7th July 2017

There has been a real mathematical  buzz in 5RR this week as the children have been sharing their solutions to a tricky problem presented to them by Mrs Rowe for their home-work.

They were challenged to solve the age-old problem of transporting a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain across a stream without mishap and only transporting one item  at a time.

The twist was that Mrs Rowe asked them to present their thinking in a visual and creative way.

Year 5 have risen to the challenge and the home-works have included Lego models, pictures, shoe-box models and even a fantastic stop-motion animation created by Ed Jacobs.

He told me, "I really enjoyed this home-work. It helped me show my maths working out in a creative way."

Fantastic work 5RR.