Yr 5 Chinese New Year

22nd February 2018
To start Year 5’s DT topic of food - culture and seasonality - Rory’s mum came in on Tuesday to talk to Year 5 about Chinese New Year.

Year 5 found out more about the traditions of Chinese New Year and why Chinese New Year is celebrated with fantastic firecrackers and exciting lion dances. They learnt about the preparations for Chinese New Year and also about the traditional types of food eaten at New Year. The colour red symbolises good luck and happiness and red envelopes containing money are given to children. Rory’s mum gave all the Year 5 children red envelopes with a chocolate coin. Rory and his mum showed everyone how to use chopsticks and everyone was also treated to a delicious bowl of noodles and a spring roll. During the afternoon Year 5 also learnt which animal they were in the Chinese zodiac. As 2018 is the year of the Dog they made their own paper dogs and wrote the word dog on its coat. They also wrote their names in Chinese.

Next Tuesday they will be learning all about the history of shortbread and using Alex’s granny’s recipe to bake their own. What a great DT topic!