Yr 5 & KS2 Choir Joint Schools Concert

24th April 2018
After months and months of hard work rehearsing the songs for the big concert, Christ church choir and all of year 5 trooped over to Clifton College, adorned with pop concert sparkle and bling, for an extravaganza of singing, eating and fun! The afternoon started in Clifton's spectacular chapel with a mammoth 4 hour rehearsal alongside the choir from Clifton College and a live rock band. Christ Church's children set an amazing example of sensible listening and enthusiastic participation that carried on throughout the day and into the evening concert. The Clifton College choir children then escorted our choir to their school houses for some play time and socialising, and after that to a delicious meal in the cafeteria. Then it was time to don the green t-shirts and sing our hearts out! The chapel was packed with audience members, and the children of both Christ Church and Clifton raised the roof and wowed them all with their beautiful, energetic singing and wonderful dance moves!

Mrs Ford is so proud of each one of you who sang that night, you did Christ Church proud.