Yr 4 visit Alice in Wonderland

22nd January 2019
On Wednesday Year 4 were treated to a dress rehearsal performance of Alice in Wonderland at the Redgrave Theatre, performed by Clifton College’s Year 5s. It was a fabulous morning full of colour and brilliant costumes. The children put on an incredible show which inspired us all!

They must have had to do lots of rehearsals – it really paid off!

It was so good I could watch it all over again. My favourite character was the Caterpillar.

Everyone was really confident and prepared for the show!

The make-up and costumes were FAB and looked so realistic.

They were really good at knowing when to come in on the songs and they sang loudly and clearly.

Even though there were a couple of mistakes they all kept going.

My favourite bit was when everyone was singing together.

They all kept to the beat and danced together on time

The live band were amazing!

Each person really got into their role and were believable