Yr 4 Spring Art

2nd April 2019
On Monday our classrooms were filled with daffodils and tulips ready to be painted in water colours. We first made a light pencil sketch looking carefully at the flowers in real life. We then started to build up the colour using our water colours, thinking about the dark and light shades of the flowers.

Following our focus on different poetry styles in Literacy we then explored Japanese Haiku poems which are short poems often related to themes of nature. We used our paintings as inspiration to write our own Haiku poems and also looked at images of Japanese Cherry Blossom. 4JH were lucky enough to have a special guest. Yuko came in to tell us a little more about Hanami, a celebration of the cherry blossom which begins to bloom in Japan around this time of year. We then learnt how to make origami flowers which we added as decoration around our published Haikus. We think you’ll agree that the results are pretty spectacular!