Yr 4 Roman Baths visit

18th March 2018
Year 4 had a fabulous and educational day at the Roman Baths on Monday. In the morning, we explored ancient Roman society by walking through the Museum whilst listening to Michael Rosen explaining it all on our audioguides. We were especially enchanted with the natural hot springs in the baths that bubbles from underground. The Romans used to think this water was sacred, believing that the steam rising from it was the breath of Sulis Minerva, their most revered goddess. We were also eager to try drinking the spring water, which Romans thought had healing properties. It turned out that it wasn’t as delicious as we thought!

In the afternoon we all piled into the activity room where we learned about Roman cooking (did you know that Romans used to eat rotten fish guts, peacock brains and mice dipped in honey?) and were shown authentic ancient Roman artefacts. We also tried our hand at making mosaics, and put our fashion sense to the test as we dressed ourselves in the Togas and Tunics that the ancient Romans used to wear.