Yr 4 Roman Baths and Roman Day

27th March 2019
Roman Baths
Year 4 have absolutely loved our Roman topic over the last two terms and were super excited for our visit to the Roman Baths. Our learning sessions involved getting dressed up as Roman slaves and rich Romans. We had lots of fun experimenting with different toga styles and getting into role! We also had a go at creating our own mosaics using magnetic tiles. Our teachers were very impressed with our focus and the designs we created – check out the pictures to see some of the finished products. The final session was led by a volunteer from the museum who told us all about popular foods eaten by the Romans when they came to visit the baths.

The highlight of the trip was getting to go round the museum and see the actual baths. We each had our own audio guide which gave us loads of information about each section of the baths and told us stories about all the different people who would have visited the Baths 2000 years ago!
Roman Day
On Thursday, we brought our topic to a rockin’ Roman end with a jam packed Roman Day. We all dressed up as different Roman characters, from gladiators to gods and goddesses, from centurions to emperors. We started the day by creating an authentic Roman menu, full of rotten surprises. Did you know that Romans used to eat flamingo brains, dormice dipped in honey and rotten fish guts? Yechhhhhh!!!  Luckily, the food at our Roman Feast was much more palatable. The wine bar was a particular hit! (Don’t worry, it was only squash).