Yr 4 RE and Baking

17th December 2019
This week Year 4 were lucky enough to have Noor’s Mum come into class to speak to us about what it is to be a Muslim and the religion of Islam. We learnt all about how Muslim’s pray, Allah the God they worship, their Holy book the Qur’an, Islamic art and the pilgrimage to Mecca. Noor also wowed us with all the work she has done to learn Arabic, writing all of 4KC’s names! We were also lucky enough to taste some Algerian dates and special date biscuits! A fantastic way to learn more about Islam. On Wednesday 4KC made some sugar free brownies for their class cake sale. We sold them to raise money for the class and to show everyone that you can make delicious snacks with a sugar alternative. We used honey and maple syrup to get the sweet sticky flavour! We loved using our co-operation skills to work together while baking as a class. We hope you enjoyed the brownies if you sampled them at the cake sale! We all loved them! Co-written with by Joshua Woodman-Smith and Mrs Castle