Yr 4 Numeracy and Literacy

28th June 2018

To fit with this week’s heatwave Year 4 have immersed ourselves in our new Power of Reading book, ‘Storm’. On Monday we used a range of percussion instruments to create a musical storm. We used our knowledge of onomatopoeic words to help us capture the pitter-patter of rain and the clang of thunder. Later in the week we recreated the end of the book through oral retelling. Each group took on a section and made up their own actions to go with the words. We really enjoyed performing to each other in the sunshine.

Year 4 have taken full advantage of the sunshine this week, heading outside for our Maths lesson to explore our new topic, symmetry.

We found lines on the playground and used chalks and cones to make our own symmetrical images. We worked together to make sure that the images created on either side of the line were as similar and accurate as possible!