Yr 4 @ Beggar Bush Activity Centre

20th June 2019
Year 4 was pleasantly surprised when the rain stopped the moment we stepped off the coach at Beggar Bush. We couldn’t believe our luck as the sun shone gloriously down on all our activities during the day. We put our medieval fighting heads on to build a trebuchet and then catapult a medieval netball towards the opposition (French army). Then, we stepped back into the 21st century to navigate our way through the grounds using our state of the art GPS system to do some geocaching, which we loved. After that, we tried our hand-eye coordination at archery, with a few of us hitting the very small bullseye. Finally, we headed into the woods to whittle away the rest of the afternoon using potato peelers and French knives to sharpen our spear tipped twigs. It’s sad to think that this is the last time we’ll be at Beggar Bush this year, but we can’t wait to return as mature year 5s!