Yr 3 Ukulele Assembly

27th June 2016
Year 3 transported us to Hawaii on Monday with their lively orchestra of ukulele, percussion and singing. 

Hawaiian ukulele music is played by the people of Hawaii as part of their culture and history. In history, the Portuguese were the first to bring the 'braguinha' or ukulele to Hawaii and show them how to use it. Ever since then, the people of Hawaii have passed down the music of the ukulele from generation to generation.


The two Year 3 classes have had a class ukulele lesson a week for 10 weeks, and have progressed technically while greatly appreciating the rhythm of the music they have learned.  Dressed for the occasion and getting into the spirit, Monday was the first time they had played together as a whole Year 3 and they did themselves proud!  Well done Year 3, we really enjoyed it!