Yr 3 Beggar Bush

21st June 2018
This Tuesday Year 3 boarded the coach for our second trip to Beggar Bush. We completed four activities including, woodland art, slacklining, campfire skills, and problem solving. During woodland art our creativity was put to the test. We used the forest to inspire us to create a piece of art with what we could find in our surroundings. The children created some beautiful pieces including a wolf, a vampire and a flower. Our taste buds were tantalised when we had the opportunity to make damper bread on the campfire – slathered with jam this made for a perfect snack! In problem solving each group had to work together to beat the maze and create a record time for completing a challenge! Finally, slacklining tested our balance skills and we even got to climb the boulder wall. We all had an absolutely fantastic day and the children can’t twait o go again in Year 4!