Yr 3 at the RWA

8th May 2019
Following on from last week’s visit, the remaining Year 3 children from 3KC and 3TC visited the RWA yesterday. After a rainy walk down to the gallery we made our way to the amazing Open Sculpture exhibition. There was so much for us to feast our eyes on! A fantastically curated exhibition, the children were spoilt for choice looking at pieces made from different materials, using different techniques. The children showed amazing engagement towards the art and generated fantastic discussions about what they could see, what they thought it meant and how it was created. Once they had chosen their favourite pieces, the children settled down to some sketching, focussing on mark making, tonal range and observational skills. Every child was an absolute pleasure to take on this trip. Their behaviour was exemplary and they represented Christ Church School outstandingly. Thank you so much to the RWA for welcoming us and to our parent volunteers!