Yr 3 & 4 Bike-ability

12th July 2017

We had a great time in bikeability today with Alan, the bike man. Firstly, he checked our bikes to see if our chains weren’t rusty and if our brakes worked (very important!) Next, we practised cycling around the playground so he could assess our biking skills. Then we followed each other, being careful not to overtake the person in front, focusing on riding in lines without falling over! After this, we played a game where we had to ride our bikes and look behind us at the same time, and shout out the colour of card that he was holding. This was quite tricky but we managed it very well. We played a game called "Space" where we had to cycle around without touching anybody else’s bikes and without putting our foot on the ground. This may seem easy, but the circle we had to ride around in got smaller and smaller, until eventually it was almost impossible to ride in a circle! This was challenging but super fun! We also tested our indicating skills by putting our hand out for 5 seconds whilst the other hand was still firmly attached to our bikes, and we ended up by biking through a complicated and hilarious obstacle course. We all had a fantastic time and learned a lot!