Yr 2 Gym Competition

9th March 2017

Twenty Year 2 children were taken to the Bristol Gymnastics Centre where they performed the routine which they have been working hard to perfect over the last couple of weeks.  Each child completed their routine individually in front of judges and they all did brilliantly – remembering to point their toes, point their fingers and control every section of the routine.  The children were judged in teams and individually for their performances and we were delighted to hear in the rewards ceremony that Christ Church had won an individual Gold medal, an individual Bronze medal as well as a team Gold medal.  Miss Holland was incredibly proud of all of the children who took part – they were all fantastic!  As well as performing their routines the children were given the opportunity to go on all the different equipment that the Gymnastics centre has to offer, including the high rings, trampolines, beams and parallel bars.  They all had loads of fun and were exhausted by the end of the afternoon!