Yr 1 Beggar Bush Activity Centre

27th June 2019
Year One had a fantastic time at Beggar Bush on Thursday. We took part in three different activities, all of which were centered around the story 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears'. Some of us began with the task of making beds for the three bears on the forest floor. We selected leaves, sticks and anything else we could find to ensure that Daddy Bear's bed was hard, Mummy Bear's was soft and Baby Bear's was just right! We then went on to taste the three bear's porridge. One was too hot, the other too cold and the third, just right! We also toasted marshmallows around the fire pit. We then stopped to eat our lunch under the shade of the trees, we were so lucky the weather was just right also. During the final activity we were tasked with making homes for the three bears and their cousin bear who was visiting for the week. We used the trees as starting point and then designed a house structure with special added extras like swimming pools and gardens. It was such a wonderful day and we had lots of fun.