Year 6 on the World Wide Web!

18th February 2016

On Thursday, children in Year 6 got the chance to share the websites they had been building with children from Reception in the new ICT suite. As part of their exciting project about the human body, Year 6 children had been using to build and publish their very own websites to showcase their learning, in particular their understanding of the circulatory and respiratory system. The extra level of challenge we set the children was to target children as young as Reception age as their audience. This meant that the children had to really think about their content and the manner in which they presented their information.

The session was a total success and the Year 6 children were proud to show off what they had done and really enjoyed taking the Reception children through their websites, helping them to interact with interesting games and quizzes they had devised. 

If you would like to view Year 6's websites, simply click on the links below.

Leila & Eve

Sebastian & Louis H

Loreta & Sydnee

Kyle & Jaden

Dylan & Zac

Hugh & Finch

Ruby M & Youny

Pippa & Ruby B

Amy & Arisa

Thomas & Max

Ben & Henry

HollyH, Mary & Holly P

Evie & Anna

Rosa, Isla & Nia

Aryan & Liang

Louis F-T & Sam