Year 6 camp - Whitemead 2018


Although we’ve only been here for half a day, we have still managed to have an action-packed afternoon.

We started with a tour of the grounds in which are activities would be held. We then found out our dorms and activity groups. After that, we had some free time and did some silly games. Then dinner. It was delicious but not as good as the pudding which was brownie and whipped cream. We then played ‘It’s a knockout!’: a chicken game, which Ebba won, then a fabulous catwalk ensued. Finally, we had cookies and milk, followed by bah-nah-nah-nanahs.

What a day!

By Ebba & Zoe.

Apologies for not putting yesterday's post up sooner, we were distracted. We definitely didn't let the children stay up for extra-time and penalties. But if we did, it would probably look something like this...

We woke up to the sound of our teachers telling us to get out of bed and we were off on the fields and running around with a rabbit. We then went to have  breakfast, bacon, beans and scrambled eggs filled us with energy for the day ahead.  We all tried different activities. We went body-zorbing, knocking each other over and having fun. Then it was time for lunch, beef burgers and chips and we got ketchup and vinegar as well! The afternoon activities took us to the forest for tree climbing. we got some free time to enjoy with our friends. Then time for some dinner, roast turkey and apple crumble. After showers we finished the day by watching off by watching the football: England v Columbia, it was hard to watch at times but what a great result for England we won!

Another amazing day for us at Whitemead. Good night from Year 6 at Whitemead!


By Sinan and Aretta




Today, we had another full-on day with our lovely instructors. We had a delicious breakfast and kicked off the day by going in the massive inflatable water roller, which was extremely fun! Yet it was hard to stand up because it was so slippery. Then we went straight to have our scrumptious lunch. Then in the evening we had an awesome campfire. We sang songs and roasted marshmallows, which were extremely delightful (and totally burnt and scorching). When that was finished we had some glorious fruit and sat in a circle. It was the halfway through the week, so we shared our thoughts of what we achieved so far. After a long hot day, we settled down and got ready to have a fabulous rest!

By Jess & Raffi




We woke up at 7am. Another early morning!


We went to meet at the colossal tree to get into our groups. The first activity we did was sports and games it was a lot of fun but very tiring and hot we were improving our basketball skills. Our next activity was buggy building. We earned money by playing a game and buying buggy pieces such as: rope, barrels and wooden poles. We learnt some important knots to tie the wooden poles together tightly; it was very successful. But then the teachers (Mr Eades, Mrs Derrington and Mrs fowler) came to get revenge. They had water guns and drenched us all! They definitely got a bit carried away. We had mac-n-cheese for lunch – yum! After we had some food, we went off to our next activity; we were all so excited because it was the water roller – a giant hamster wheel in the swimming pool. We got into pairs to go on the water roller everyone else was having free time in the pool with woggles and floats, it was very refreshing. Tonight’s activity was the eagerly anticipated DISCO! Flashing lights circled the dance floor whilst everyone showed of their fanciest dance moves. There were so many good songs that we were absolutely exhausted by the end: it was a long and tiring night but it was a blast!