Year 6 camp - Whitemead 2017

Day 1

Excitement brewed as we loaded our bags onto the bus and headed for our destination; Whitemead had no idea what was about to hit them! Upon arrival, we were greeted by our (highly) enthusiastic camp leaders, adorning flags and superheroes outfits. After the important business of dinner arrangements and safety talks were cleared up, the children began their orientation games - which involved some nimble ninja moves and fancy footwork! The time had soon come for the children to find out who their roommates would be and settle themselves into their dorms, and, luckily, there were smiles all around!

Grumbling tummies could only mean one thing: it was dinner time! Christ Church children wowed the staff with their fantastic manners as they tucked into their first meal – children and teachers alike were glad of the chocolate brownie. To top off a fantastic first day, the children were greeted by two chickens and a sumo wrestler before they completed an ‘it’s a knockout’ style activity! We are happy to report that all children are happily snoring away! Nighty night – we’ll be back tomorrow to report on an undoubtedly action packed day. 


Day 2

It’s the second day of camp and everyone is buzzing. The weather is great and everyone is a having a wonderful time. Having survived the first night, everyone is still up and standing. Today has had a wide variety of activities including canoeing/swimming, Kinball, fencing, aeroball, a circus workshop and the crate challenge- which included heights and dangling- scary! Everyone has been challenged, and their limits have been tested. We have all settled into dorms but some maybe didn’t settle down to sleep last night - chatting all night! Hope you are enjoying the photos. We now have an exciting campfire to look forward to- toasting marshmallows, singing songs and an evening full of fun!

By Milla, Fleur and Rosie



Day 3

The children all woke up this morning full of energy. After a hearty breakfast they headed back to get ready for the first activity of fencing. The children learned both attack and defence before having full on battles. They poked and prodded at each other until they were completely wiped out! They removed all the gear (it looked very hot!) and left now knowing some amazing ninja skills.

It was time for the next activity which wasn’t on the timetable since the swimming pools pump broke but honestly I think the replacement activity was even better because it was field zorbing! The children trudged to the activity, due to the heat, but as soon as they were placed in the massive inflatable ball they were running like headless chickens! The activity leader Luke was pushing them around which made it harder for them to stand on their own feet but the children were enjoying every second of it. Even Mrs Richardson had a go! But every good thing has to come to an end and soon enough they were jumping over the creek to get back to the rooms where most people were challenging other people to jump over wider bits of the ditch. Others had been wiped out by the extreme rays of sun and were peacefully sleeping in the comfy beds that were inside. But not for long because then it was lunch! The children greedily ate whilst the teachers discussed boring things like school reports but all plates were soon cleared – Christ Church can certainly eat!  

After lunch Maria led us into the deep, dark and mysterious woods where we were surprised by an energetic Sean poking his head out from behind tree and shouting ‘Hi Guys!’ Before us was a magnificent tree with grips attached to it. We absolutely loved the forest games which we played, and especially loved the war face paints which we adorned! Thanks for reading our blog – we’re having the best time ever!

Written by Molly Shillinglaw


Day 4

On Thursday, the kids woke up with excitement at the thought of the disco (and who would be their date!) They started the day with a hearty breakfast: the choice of a hot English breakfast or toast. They were soon drenched by the most loved activity - water wars! After drying, they moved swiftly onto body zorbing! They were either rolling on the ground or ‘savaging’ their opponents! We were soon called to lunch where slices of pizza filled our plates. The children walked out, gossiping away, and continued until it was the time for street dance! They created a routine which involved ‘complex’ moves and danced until the time of Frisbee golf had arrived. Despite the name it was 100% Frisbee! Unfortunately, the wind played too big a role and the kids found it very difficult to actually throw or catch it but after a while the wind died down and they found it A LOT easier! Finally it was time for the disco! Drama, dancing and music filled he main pavilion as they danced the night away! The end of the day approached and the children started to pack for the end of the week! Another successful day!

By Alice Dubicki