Year 5 Camp Kilve Court 2020

Day 3 - Wednesday 11th March
We thought we might be waking up some very sleepy children this morning but in fact they were up and packed well before breakfast. Well done Year 5 for being such an organised and efficient group! Once the suitcases were downstairs, the children hovered at the hatch as the cooks in the kitchen made the final preparations. Another delicious breakfast was served and eaten in no time before the children headed back outside for their last two activities. 
Some were scaling the climbing tower while others were whizzing down the muddy slope in grass sledges. Frisbees were hurled on the top field and shots were fired in the shed as Groups A and B learnt the art of rifle shooting. All the teachers reported that their groups were particularly quiet this morning, which means only one thing: tired children. 
Lunch was done and dusted in lightning speed as the coach awaited the 49 suitcases, sleeping bags and muddy wellies! The Kilve staff, yet again, got stuck in and we were packed and ready to leave in 7 mins flat, straight after lunch. A mixture of sadness that the fun was over and an excitement at heading home meant for a relatively quiet journey back to Bristol. Some slept the entire way while others reflected on their time away and felt positive that they had stayed away, happily, from home for the first time.
The reunions were joyful at 3:15pm as the children were greeted and headed home. We might even have heard mention of "I can't wait for Year 6 camp!"  
Tuesday 10th March - Day Two
It was unusually quiet at Kilve this morning. Not a creature was stirring, not even a child! The hunger pangs must have set in around 7am as the noise started to bubble around the dorms but after an hour of sensible game playing, chatting and reading, the children headed down for another tasty feast. The smell of bacon wafted around the breakfast room; the mushrooms, baked beans and toast quickly disappeared and the children were set.
With sated tummies, the first activity began at 9:30am. Two groups headed off to the beach; the remaining three stayed on site for a mix of grass sledging (now known as rolling in the mud); climbing and frisbee golf. The wind whipped the frisbees in all sorts of directions but the children braved the elements to score under par, which was no mean feat!
With vegetable samosas, sausage rolls and jacket potatoes under their belts, the beginning-to-get-tired children headed out for some team building activities. It's trickier to think when you're tired but the teams worked well together, put their logical brains in gear and solved the problems with which they were presented.
This evening's activity is a trip to the infamous Kilve maze. We are predicting a lot of running, a lot of mud and quite a few showers before bed! Hope the washing machines are prepared for Wednesday evening.....

Day One - Monday 9th March

“Yellow car! Mini!” was the spotting game on the bus that lasted all the way to Kilve. Lots of excited chatter and questions throughout the journey but, before we knew it, we were cruising up the long drive and the stunning house stood before us. We unloaded all the cases and headed in to receive our wonderful Kilve welcome and safety briefing. The dormitory allocations were met with lots of cheering and the children eagerly headed upstairs to get their beds ready and settle in.

It didn’t take long for the hungry tummies to be filled and then the first activity got going. Three groups headed to the beach, spotting wildlife A-Z as they wandered down the country lane. The tide was out which left lots of rockpools to discover (and fall into!) Fossils were found before each team tried their (cold) hand at stacking rocks as neatly as possible to win the competition of “tallest stack”. Back on site, the other two groups were busy grass sledging and rifle shooting. Mr Curry’s group loved the planet challenge and we’re told it got quite competitive!

Despite the rain arriving and the rock pools being responsible for wet wellies and soggy jeans, the children had a great afternoon and were very excited by the prospect of a warm shower on return to Kilve Court. The delicious chocolate and banana cake served mid-afternoon definitely helped see the return of happy faces and some down-time in dorms meant that Dobble, Hide-and-Seek and Connect 4 were the order of the day.

Marvellous meatballs; chicken or vegetable curry or super salads were devoured at 6pm for dinner. The majority of plates were empty before the teachers had even got their food or sat down! Happy chatter filled the dining hall and the announcement of chocolate pudding got a roar of applause.

Superteams was the evening activity out on the lawn. Welly throwing; clown pants racing; football slalom and ten-pin bowling became very competitive and obviously it was Miss Barsby who led the winning team to victory!

It didn’t take long for pyjamas to be donned and lights to be out. The evening was a quiet one as the children clearly had exhausted themselves and needed their sleep, preparing themselves for another full day of activities tomorrow.