Year 5 Camp Kilve Court 2019

Day 1
With a frisson of excitement, Year 5 set off for Kilve. A very calm coach journey saw us arriving in good time, ready to unpack and eat our delicious packed lunches. It wasn't long before we were kitted up and heading out for our first activity. Some of us headed down to the beach for a bracing walk while others scaled the climbing wall and tried their hands at rifle shooting or grass sledging.
Down on the beach, we found some boring piddocks (yes, that is what they are called!), limpet shells and anemones. We also scoured the rock pools and looked for exciting wildlife. The grass sledgers raced around the slalom of cones and screamed all the way to the finish line! 
The evening brought our first tastes of delicious Kilve food; we filled our tummies (definitely no midnight feasts needed...) and then headed out to the maze to burn off any remaining traces of energy!
Kilve Court is now very quiet and the children are exhausted. There has already been a number of excited questions about tomorrow's activities but, for now, we're focussing on the sleep. How many hours will they get?!
Day 2
The magic number is 4. We'll leave you to guess what that refers to!
A long time before sunrise, chatter could be heard around the dorms. Breakfast was three hours away but that didn't stop the early morning excitement. Some children were up, showered and dressed before 7am. After patiently waiting until 8:30am, we all tucked in to a hearty breakfast. Numerous options were available and the kitchen cupboards were almost emptied. The cook tells us that the children got through six boxes of chocolate cereal this morning alone.
Our first activities of the day included grass sledging; team building and the climbing wall. With repleted tummies, the children were very quiet (perhaps a little sleepy?) listening intently to their safety instructions before regaining some energy and getting stuck in. 
We're all looking forward to a lunch of Cornish pasties; tuna pasta bake; sandwiches or jacket potatoes. This afternoon's activities will be a rotation of this morning and this evening the children will be orienteering around the grounds by torchlight.
More photos to follow.
Day 2 - Evening update
The noise in the dinner hall indicated that all the children wanted to do this evening was eat their delicious food. It was a quiet event, with just the odd clatter of the cutlery as they stacked their empty plates.
The children then spent a short time in their dormitories - some even started to pack - before heading back down to the dining room to find out what "Jumblies" was all about. The Kilve instructor did a great job of explaining how the orienteering activity works and before we knew it the children were outside, with their torches, running around in groups with their maps in hand. 
It wasn't long before the already-running-low energy stores were on empty and the children slowed to a walking pace. They began asking eagerly if they could go to bed! The instructor blew the whistle early and the children retired to their dorms at 9pm. Lights were out at 9:30pm and all is currently quiet.
Will we be waking them up tomorrow? 
Day 3
We weren't quite waking them up but they did only start to stir towards 7am. Most children were thoroughly exhausted after yesterday's activities and had a good 8 hours of sleep. Packing suitcases was the order of the day on waking which saw a range of approaches and speeds!
With another hearty breakfast of scrambled egg or omelette under their belts, the children were raring to go again at 9:30am. Groups C, D and E headed down to Kilve beach, where they heard stories of pirates alongside facts about the SSSI. Groups A and B tried their hands at rifle shooting and low ropes. Both groups loved both activities but, according to one of the Kilve instructors, Ian had never had such a high scoring group in rifle shooting in his 12 years at Kilve as Christ Church's group B. (Should we be worried about that?!) 
Packing the coach at the end of the morning was done at high speed and then the children partook in their final lunch of burgers, wraps or spring rolls before we headed home. The coach journey was full of sleepy children but not many of them actually closed their eyes. We arrived back at school in good time and it was lovely to see the excitement as parents and carers greeted their intrepid outdoor adventurers. 
No doubt showers / baths and bed will be very welcome at home tonight!