Year 5 camp Kilve Court 2017

Year 5 Camp Kilve Court 27-29th March 2017

Day 1

The children disembarked from the coach, eagerly waiting to find out who they would be sharing their dormitory with. After a brief welcome from the Kilve Staff, there were excited tones as the children went upstairs to unpack and realised they were all with their friends.

With a nourishing lunch under their belts, they kitted up and got walking up to the Quantock Hills. It wasn't long before they were shelter building in groups and finding stick after stick to build the best den ever!  An hour later, when all dens had been inspected and tested, the walk continued and saw the children wading through mud, running and rolling up and down grassy slopes and tiredness levels gradually increasing. Back at Kilve, the sun was shining and the outdoor sports box was out. The children had time to relax, chat and use up even more energy out on the grass before tea.

The delectable delights from the canteen were soon devoured and the evening craziness began. Children and adults were running around the maze - getting lost, avoiding the "cameras" and trying to complete all the challenges set by the instructors. It was an intense hour of serious calorie burning!

A bedtime story followed and then it was bedtime. Lights were out within half an hour, the chatter diminished and the children were asleep (yes, asleep!) by 10pm.


Day 2

The wake-up bell tolled at 7:45am and the somewhat sleepy children arose! Breakfast was served at 8:30am and the children all ate heartily, knowing that they would need a good amount of energy for their busy day ahead. 

Tuesday saw the children grass sledging; climbing; rifle shooting and mountain biking. Many children conquered fears of heights by climbing either to the top of the climbing wall or further up than they ever had before. Some rode a bike for the very first time; others took their bikes to terrifying terrain and tried some daring moves! Every child who travelled down the slippery slope in a sled had a massive grin on their face...although the smiles turned to very clear concentration when the competitive game of battleships started. The air rifles were a big hit; each group came out of the range waving pieces of paper to proudly prove they hit the bulls eye.

With yet more tasty treats for tea and the children refuelled, an evening of orienteering (also known as "Jumblies") began. So did the rain. The children ran around the entire site, looking for anagrams of words associated with Kilve and had over 30 to find in just one hour. The teams did a fantastic job, despite the drizzly dark, and came back to the centre suitably worn out and ready for bed. Yet again, the lights were out just before 10pm and the conversations ceased very soon after. Another happy day.

Day 3

The weather on waking was a little grey - perhaps to match the mood as the children packed their suitcases. There were plenty of mutterings along the lines of "I wish we had more time here" as the children stuffed their sleeping bags in to their sacks and retrieved their wayward socks and toothbrushes along the way.

Spirits soon lifted as the cooked breakfast appeared and the sleepy children began to stir from their slumbering thoughts. 

The morning was set for team building challenges, all of which earned the children points for completion and for working together. The points were important as they were used to "buy" materials in the next session, where the children designed and created their very own team rockets, ready to be launched. 

The rocket launching was the highlight of the day. After trudging up the somewhat damp grass sledging slope, wind blowing children here and there, one of the instructors filled the rockets with water and air before each one dramatically flew across the field! It was astounding to see exactly how far they could actually fly and the children's reactions were brilliant.

Team photo done, the children dragged their heels back to the centre for their final feed. Worn out by the activities, wind and rain, it was the quietest mealtime ever!

The coach was duly packed and the instructors thanked profusely for their enthusiasm, humour and care. It was a fond farewell from all the children and happy smiles pervaded when the parents and carers arrived back at school to take them home to sleep.