Year 4 electricity

7th February 2017

Year 4 have been working incredibly hard this term learning about switches and electricity in their Science/DT  unit.

They  have learnt about basic electrical circuits and have also experimented breaking and re-joining circuits using switches.

Our Literacy work this term has been based around a magical circus book called "Leon and the Place Between."

The challenge that followed was to create a clown face with not one but two electrical circuits.

The clown's nose had to be lit up and his bow-tie had to turn.......not an easy task.

Year 4 rose to the task with their usual good humour and tenacity. Each class split into small groups of 6 to work together to design and plan and then build their clown faces. Their enthusiasm was boundless and the results were very artistic.

Well done Year 4-Is there anything you cant do?