Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Assembly

13th July 2016

Year 4 have had a fantastic two terms studying the Anglo Saxons which has been a new addition to the curriculum this year.

They have looked at the reasons why the Anglo Saxons succeeded the Romans to take power in Britain. They also explored  the reasons for the Northern European tribes  leaving their own countries and what happened when they got to East Anglia.

Year 4 have discovered lots of facts about the farming communities and settlements of the Anglo Saxon era and have had a go at writing with runes and composing Kennings poems which originated in Anglo Saxon times.

Every single child has made a fantastic effort to research and build an Anglo Saxon house for their project homework and these are currently on display in the corridor outside the practical room.

All of the children's learning was presented beautifully in an assembly this morning and both of their teachers are very proud of them...Superstars!