Year 2 trip to Slimbridge

14th October 2016
Year 2 had a wonderful at Slimbridge on Friday 14th October.  Although it rained as we left Bristol the sun came out as we went up the motorway and we knew we were in for a great day.
On arrival all the children were given large bags of seed to feed the birds as we explored the wetlands. Some children were brave enough to feed the birds from their hands.   
During the day both classes had an educational workshop where we played games and learnt about the migration of Bewick swans.  We also had the opportunity to go into a hide and use binoculars to look at all the birds. We had to be very quiet so that we didn't disturb them!
Throughout the day the children talked about which were their favourite birds - the flamingos were particularly popular.
Some children also had the opportunity to find out about the Slimbridg e otters and were able to ask questions about their habitat.
We had so much fun and there was so much to see and do we could easily have gone back for a second day - maybe another time!