30th September 2016
WoW (Walk to School Project)
We were all delighted by the appearance of 'Strider' in the playground this morning to kick start us into action for our 2015/16 WoW Project.
All children who walked/ scooted/ cycled to school today will have earned a WoW badge for their collection. 

'WoW’ stands for ‘Walk Once a Week’. However, we are challenging the children to walk (or bike or scoot) to school at least three times every week each month. Children who achieve this each month will receive a special collectable pin badge, made from recycled yoghurt pots. There is a different badge to collect each month and the theme for the 2016/17 badges is ‘Our Neighbourhood’.

Children who live too far away from school to walk can still participate in WoW through the ‘park and stride’ option. This involves parking safely away from the school, e.g. at a friend’s house, and walking the last ten minutes to school.

Under half of UK children walk to school and this number is decreasing, while the number of children being driven to school has doubled in the last 20 years. Our school is taking part because of the many benefits we believe it will bring to our children and the community, such as increased fitness and alertness.

You may wish to download the Living Streets walk to school smartphone app which brings the badges to life via 3D content. The app is fun and easy to use; simply scan each new WoW badge and watch the scene unfold. Download the app by searching ‘walk to school’ within the app store and Google Play.

So, please get walking, scooting or cycling and enjoy the benefits of this exciting project!