w/c 4th May

Message from Mrs Jones

Hi Year 6.

 We can’t believe it’s May already.

If we’d been in school we would have made Mr Eades dance around the maypole but we’ll have to save that for later….

Hello Year 5! Another week has flown past! We hope you are all staying safe, finding lots of interesting things to keep you occupied and enjoying the tasks that we have set you for home learning.
Hello again Year 4! Happy beginning of May! We hope you are all keeping well and congratulations for getting to another week! We really miss your faces
Hello Year 3!
Another week has flown past! Hello everyone. Hopefully you are all well and looking after your parents – taking them out for a walk once a day and not letting them relax too much!

Hi Year 2s, welcome to Week 3 of our second term of home learning! We have been thinking of you lots and miss you all as the weeks go on! We hope you enjoy the activities that we have set for you this week.

 Hi Year 1. 

We hope you had fun with your home learning last week. We can’t wait to see what you’ve put in your time capsules! Hopefully you’ve been keeping busy and staying cheerful despite the rain this week.

Hello Reception!

Wow it is May! Happy 5th Birthday to all the children who have celebrated their 5th birthday since we finished school on the 20th March.

We are really missing seeing your faces and want you to imagine us smiling at you! 

Year 3 French
Year 4 French
Year 5 French
Year 6 French
VE 75 Day Ideas to celebrate Friday 8th May