w/c 18th May

Message from Mrs Jones
Hi Year 6. We hope you’re well and keeping active!

Last Friday was a fantastic day seeing so many people celebrating VE Day and the end of WWII in Europe. Were there any social-distancing street parties near you? Hopefully you were reminded of your WWII day earlier in the year.

Hello Year 5! Here are your learning opportunities for this week. Keep up the hard work and please send us examples of anything you’re doing at home – we love seeing them!

Hi Year 4! It’s us again! In case you hadn’t realised, WE MISS YOU LOTS! We hope you enjoyed our letters to you last week. If you get the chance, please write back to us! We would love love LOVE to hear from you! We hope that you are keeping well.
Year 3
Hi guys! We hope you liked reading about what we’re getting up to. As you can tell we’re both keeping ourselves busy, staying positive and excited for the future!
Hi Year 2!
Welcome to Week 5 of the summer term. Goodness, May is flying by! We hope you’ve been enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale and what an important part she had in improving hospitals and therefore saving so many lives, just like the wonderful nurses that are working in our hospitals today.

Hi Year 1!  It’s the final week of Term 5 and you’ve done so well to continue your learning at home.  We are very proud of all of your efforts and hope you’ll enjoy this last week of learning with ‘Orion and the Dark’. In response to your lovely letters from last week, Orion has written you a letter…

Hello Reception!

We hope you’ve had a great week! We are really enjoying seeing what you have been doing at home. Some great spider pictures and models. Keep up the hard work. We are proud of each one of you!

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