w/c 13th July

Message from Mrs Jones

Hi Year 6.

This is the last home learning sheet that we will be setting you so we’d love to see something from everyone uploaded to SZAPP.

We are looking forward to our Year 6 zoom call on Wednesday!

Hello Year 5! We hope you are all well. It was lovely to be able to talk to some of your parents this week about your reports and find about a bit more about how lockdown has been for you. We know it has not been easy but we have been very impressed with the work that you have been producing and we are loving seeing it now being uploaded onto Google Classroom too.

Hello Year 4!

It’s official! We’ve reached the last week of term. One final push for the Year 4 home learning! You can do it!

Well Year 3, this is it! It is officially your final week in Year 3. We would just like to say Well Done on powering through with such a tricky year and Good Luck with moving to Year 4! You’re a wonderful bunch and we will miss you so much. Hopefully we will get to see you all next week for a final goodbye.

Hello Year 2!

Can you believe it, it’s the last week of the school year?  I can’t!  Although this year has been pretty strange because we’ve been apart for so long, I think you’ve all been amazing and even before lockdown you had grown up so much.  The Year 3 teachers are in for such a treat having all of you in their classes next year!  I’m so excited about seeing some of you who can return to school this week for the shuffle up sessions. 

Hello Year 1!  This is our last week of the school year before the summer holidays.  Well done for your amazing hard work with your home learning.  You’ve been absolute superstars and we’re so proud of you! We look forward to seeing lots of you for ‘shuffle up’ on Monday and seeing more of your home learning on Szapp and Google Classroom.

 Hello Reception!

It’s your last week of Reception, can you believe it? We’re so proud of you for all of your hard work this year and we feel very lucky that we’ve been able to share the start of your school journey with you! Everywhere Bear has been thinking about his special memories and wanted to show you a photo of his favourite holiday. What lovely memories have you made while you’ve been in Reception? Can you think of the best thing you’ve done at school and at home?