1st January 2016

Year 5 loved the Vikings topic!

Term 2 saw Year 5 transformed into Vicious Vikings. We learnt how the Vikings came from Scandinavia and were invaders and settlers. They attacked a monastery at Lindisfarne in 783 AD, which was the start of the Viking era in Britain. We used our knowledge from our project lessons to help us write in character during our Literacy lessons. We also learnt about the effect the Vikings had on the Anglo-Saxons, the food they ate, the clothes they wore and different jobs they had. In our D&T lessons we learnt about how the Viking traders and raiders used to travel across the seas in longships and we made our own versions which contained a pulley to raise and lower the sails.

Our learning about the Vikings culminated in a Viking Day at the end of term which saw everyone, even Mrs Brown, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Williamson, dressing up as a Viking for the day. We made and decorated Viking shields, learnt how to make Viking bread and even made powerpoints for Year 4 to share our learning with them. The highlight of the day was getting to eat some freshly made honey cake. Our project homework for the term was to show our learning in some way. We had a huge variety of homework to share from Viking helmets, Viking recipe books and cooking to videos and online diaries about life as a Viking. It was a fantastic chance to see what the children had learnt and enjoyed.

Here are some photos of the highlights.