Super School Council

4th April 2017
Christ Church School are part of a teaching and learning partnership of 24 schools across north west Bristol called NW24.  NW24 has provided a rich and supportive learning environment for school staff and governors over the last few years, striving for school improvement throughout the cluster.  The focus now is to bring the children of NW24 together so that they can learn from each other and appreciate the wider community of which they are part.
Schools were invited to discuss within their school councils what events the children might like to partake in or host across the NW24 cluster.  Representatives from the school councils then met in a 'super school council' to brainstorm these ideas together and distil out 3 to 4 ideas across 6 categories:
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • STEM
  • Charity & Community
  • Sport
  • Random 
Representatives from the Super School Council were then asked to present the ideas to the NW24 Annual General Meeting of Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, Business Managers and Chairs of Governors.  Schools then signed up to host the events presented by the children.
The Christ Church School school council really threw themselves into this task, coming up with some fantastic ideas.  Ros Rides (yr 4) and Jake Rogers (yr 5) were selected from the Super School Council to then present ideas on events under the category of STEM to the AGM.  They were both fantastic representatives of Christ Church School, taking the stage at the Gloucester Cricket Ground Pavilion and talking calmly and passionately through their STEM ideas:
  • Go kart building competition
  • Coding/ games invention competition
  • Maths Olympics
We were very proud of them.
The next stage is for the NW24 steering group to collate the ideas and what schools signed up to, and start the ball rolling for NW24 wide children events.  Watch this space...!