STEM House Day

7th February 2019
On Thursday in Concorde House first of all we boarded our very own Concorde in the hall, where we were met by Captain Curry and the crew. We watched a video of Concorde’s first to last flight, were served refreshments, heard 10 top facts about Concorde and then Mrs Jordan the Marvellous Mechanic told us all about how aeroplanes fly using lift and thrust to overcome gravity and drag and why Concorde was special because it flew supersonic (the only passenger plane to fly faster than the speed of sound).

KS2 then flew to Captain Curry’s classroom where we made card planes, trying to be as accurate as possible to make them fly. Meanwhile KS1 were making peg planes, paper planes, kites (the first ever form of flight) and parachutes. When we had all finished making our planes, everybody in Concorde House in KS1 and KS2 raced their planes in the playground.

by Abbi and Ollie, Concorde Captains
Today everyone in Matthew House became boat builders for the day! KS2 Boat Builders make a fuel for a boat using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to cause a chemical reaction.

In the afternoon we were given different materials to make our own rafts and ships.

KS1 Mathews enjoyed making foil boats in the morning and added masts and sails in the afternoon. Then KS1 and KS2 Matthews all launched our boats to see which ones would float.

by Trinnie and Alex, Matthew Captains
Today the Blue House (Brunel) had an amazing time building and designing bridges. We gathered in the hall and Mr Campbell made a short speech about what we were going to do today.

The best group (Brunel) gathered in 6CE’s classroom to be split into groups. We thought of group names then in our groups we copied the pattern onto badges. In no time, there was break.
After break we came back to 6CE classroom and made a plan of the structure of our bridge so that we were prepared to build our bridges in the afternoon. It was a hard challenge and most groups had a few disagreements. We drew our bridges and wrote down what resources were needed to build it. All of a sudden it was lunch.

After lunch we had a briefing by Mr Eades and then marched off to the activity hall. Then it was building time! Two groups merged together to create our masterpiece bridge. It was tiring work but in the end our bridges were very successful. Thank you to all the staff that helped us.

by Izzy H and Aalto, Brunel Captains
Today in Aardman House we went off to Mrs Ford’s classroom where we were split into groups to talk about what we were going to do. After break we were shown how to make clay models and we then either made up our own characters or chose one from Wallace and Gromit.

After the challenging hour of making them, in the afternoon we then put them into a movie as if they were going to Mars.

by Isla and Paddy, Aardman Captains