School Worship Council

Collective Worship Council

The members are selected by Pastor Ruthy, Mrs Petters and the out-going Worship Council. The newly appointed councillors are Saskia West, Bertie Connelly-Taylor, Audrey Skirrow, Ousmane Sow, (Y2),  Imogen Day,  Isabella Small, (Y3), Elliot Song, Mia Shanley (Y4), Joseph Andrews, Julia Howard, (Y5) and Vitana Pavlovic and Hannah Pollock (Y6).

As we are a Church school we want everyone to enjoy and participate in Collective worship.

This is what we do:

  •         Help to lead worship and prayer.
  •         Monitor and evaluate collective worship with classes.
  •         Create and update displays linked to values and collective worship.
  •         Attend termly meetings with local church representative and adults linked with collective worship
  •         Maintain and monitor ‘reflection areas’ in school.
  •         Help to select new worship council members.
School Worship Council Members 2018-2019