Children are encouraged to understand and get involved with the school rubbish and recycling procedures


Normal rubbish gets collected daily from classrooms, other school rooms and the playground by the school cleaners and caretakers.  Bristol City Council rubbish collection day is Thursday when the big green bins get put outside the school back gate 
Paper and cardboard is stored in classrooms and other school rooms in recycling bags – on a Friday Year 5 pupils collect all these bags and bring them to the brown wheelie bins at the front of the school for pick up by the Bristol City Council on Monday mornings 
Food waste is collected daily in the dining room and transferred to brown bins outside the kitchen for Bristol City Council collection on Mondays 
Plastic and tins are collected daily in the black boxes in the staffroom for transfer to the green wheelie bins on a Friday for pick up by the Bristol City Council on Monday mornings 



The big food waste bins were introduced in January 2017. The school and the catering company, Eden, have worked together to improve the menu in line with children’s feedback and over the course of Term 3 were able to reduce weekly food waste from 3 bins full to 1!