Reception Zoo Trip

22nd January 2018
On Tuesday we excitedly arrived at school wearing our waterproofs and wellingtons for our trip to Bristol Zoo (luckily we didn't actually need them). We had planned our route and voted for the top 6 animals we wanted to see. These included flamingos, meerkats, gorillas and hippos and a tour of the aquarium and reptile house. We left with Everywhere Bear, our class bear to learn about animals and answer some questions.
We had such a great time and were lucky enough to see all seven of the gorilla's and the baby called Ayana. We loved seeing the butterflies and learnt that moths don't only come out at night. We tried to see if we could spot any penguin eggs as it is breeding season but sadly we didn't. We visited the seals and RRP certainly saw more than they expected to see. They literally after learning the 'oo' sound saw 'oo poo at the zoo'.

We heard the lions and RVG met both Kamran and Ketan. We learnt that they are boys and both born in Bristol Zoo. They played tricks with RRP and every time we went to look they disappeared, eventually we did see one of them.

We had a lovely morning and Mrs Richardson and Miss Grigg were really proud of our attitude to learning and behaviour.

Thank you also to our parents that very kindly came with us and made the trip possible.