Reception Visit to Windmill Hill City Farm

28th February 2017
On Tuesday 28th February the Reception classes headed off to Windmill Hill City Farm as part of our learning about this term's topic 'Food'. 
Class RZH were first to arrive at the farm and began their morning by learning all about the allotment and the vegetables that are grown locally at the farm. We then had opportunity to work on our cutting skills by using special knives and careful instructions to chop some vegetables such as courgette, carrot and chard to add to a stir fry. We worked together to add the ingredients to a pan which we cooked over a gas stove, later adding noodles and a little garlic sauce. After some support with stirring the food and lots of enticing aromas we were ready to taste our creation! After many approving yummy noises we all agreed it was both delicious and nutritious as we were quick to spot that it easily contained our five a day! 
Next we headed out for a tour around the farm, stopping off to spot where the vegetables and herbs we had used had been grown and tasting some of the edible flowers. The children were very willing to have a go at trying something new and showed great interest in tasting herbs such as fennel and garlic. We had some time to meet the animal inhabitants of the farm too including piglets, a goat kid and his Mum, cows, rabbits and ducks. Just as RZH were leaving to head back to school we bumped into RVR who were arriving for their workshop and visit around the farm.  A fantastic time was had by all and many exciting memories were shared!