Reception Beggar Bush Activity Centre

15th June 2017

RZH and RVR set off on Thursday for a sunny, fun filled, day at Beggar’s Bush. We were greeted by Ian, Dave and Ash who reminded us of the forest school rules including ‘no lick, no pick’ before starting our outdoor adventures. The children had the chance to explore a giant treehouse, we looked up to the forest canopy and it seemed that we could almost touch the sky! In the treehouse the children took turns to pretend to be forest royalty in the special log throne! The children also participated in a scavenger hunt, working as a team and looking carefully to find plants and creatures hiding in the environment. They squealed with delight at discovering slugs, worms, centipedes, and even a butterfly or two! The children we lucky enough to have a tasty treat and toasted their own marshmallows to make ‘smores’! An exciting trip was had by all!