Reception at Beggar Bush Activity Centre

16th May 2019
Some very excited children waved ‘goodbye’ to school ready for a warm, sunny filled day of forest school activities. (Sorry Year 5). After getting into groups and meeting the instructors, Reception were off under the trees to explore, climb, toast marshmallows, make a magic wand and to protect the fairies dust from the dragons by finding the correct leaf behind the fairy doors!

We saw fantastic teamwork, risk-taking, coordination and problem-solving. A great day of outdoor learning for all.

One of the highlights for the children was the freedom to roll down the grassy hill with a friend in the sunshine. (Sorry again Year 5).

The instructors praised the children for their listening skills, good behaviour and enthusiasm! We are extremely proud of all the children and can’t wait to take them all back to Beggar Bush again. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to our parent volunteers who kindly gave up their time - your help is much appreciated.