Reception - Food topic trips

17th April 2018
Pizza Express
On Tuesday RRP went to Pizza Express to learn how to make pizza. The children for the whole trip demonstrated the value of Respect showing excellent manners to both the manager and chef at the restaurant and to our very kind parent helpers who gave up the morning to help. Thank you we are very grateful for your time.

The children listened and watched brilliantly as the chef talked about making the dough. One of the children even guessed the secret ingredient of yeast. They had to work very hard to turn the ball of dough into their pizza base and very carefully managed to balance the dough on one hand to flip it over! All the children were determined to succeed and again demonstrated our school value of Aspiration.

The pizzas bases all looked fantastic and the children then enjoyed adding the cheese and tomato before they went into the oven. Once they were cooked they were boxed up and we walked back to school for lunch. The smell in the classroom for the rest of the day was delicious. We took our pizzas home at the end of the day to enjoy with our families.
Thank you to Pizza Express on Regent Street for a lovely morning.

"I ate all of mine but did give my mummy some. It was delicious" Demi

"Mine was delicious. Daddy didn't get any but I did give my sister one piece" Evan

"It was delicious" Jorja

"I enjoyed being the sou chef. The cheese was was my name" Alfie
Reg the Veg
Reception visited Reg the Veg to learn about fruit and vegetables. Sylvie taught the children the names of different fruit and vegetables, explained what was in season and let the children taste peas, different types of carrots including purple carrots and beetroot that was purple and white striped inside. Mrs Richardson saw Sylvie yesterday to say sales of peas had gone up since Christ Church visited last week! The peas were definitley a big hit. Throughout the trip the children demonstrated the value of respect. Well done reception it was a pleasure taking you out on your first trip of Term 5
Spiny Lobster
On Tuesday RVG were visited by the lovely staff from ‘The Spiny Lobster’, a local fishmonger. We learnt all about different types of fish and even learnt how fish breathe! We saw a real John Dory and a Mackerel.  Then we got to meet a live lobster and a crab! The fishmonger told us that fresh fish shouldn’t be smelly so there was no need to hold our noses! Finally, ‘Lucy Lobster’ came to very kindly give us some fish games to take home. Our favourite fact was that eating fish can help to keep your brain healthy and improve your memory so there may be some requests of fish for tea!