Prayer Space and Values Banner

26th September 2019
In assembly on Monday, last year’s worship council talked us through the values banner they had designed for our school. They explained each picture and how it reflected how we demonstrate our school values. A very kind and talented lady at Christ Church has stitched this banner for us to hang in school. We met her at the end of term 6 and thanked her for doing this for our school.

Sharing our school values was a great way to begin our ‘getting to know you’ week in school. The prayer we used for our reflection at the end of our assembly helped us to think about how we can respect everyone in our school community:
Open our eyes to value each person that we meet.
Help us to recognise what we have in common and respect
What makes each of us unique.
A big thank you to our parents/carers who have given their time to support us this week with our learning about each other.

Pastor Ruthy created a prayer space in our library area for children in years 1 and 2 to visit. The children loved the activities and commented that they had enjoyed the opportunity to be calm.