Outdoor Classroom

13th September 2019
Thank you for your co-operation with the temporary closure of the woodland playground gate. Groundworks have been underway this week to clear the area beyond the wooden fence to create an area for an outside classroom. The area was untenable to maintain and therefore impossible to access with children. Latterly, concerns had been raised with us about the ‘health’ of the pond and its potential impact upon the local frog population. We are working with the children to plan and design ways of bringing wildlife havens back into the area. Do take a look over the fence, it is a large area now it is cleared. Do let us know if you have any ideas you would like to share for the area.

The PTA have donated significant funds to begin this project and will continue to fundraise for us during this school year. Therefore your support, attendance and contributions are all invaluable so please put Saturday 28th September in your diary to come and have some fun at Clifton College New fields for a children’s fun run. This is very popular with the children as they challenge themselves to see how many laps of the field they can complete- asking family and friends to sponsor or donate money for their efforts.