National Poetry Day

3rd October 2019
National Poetry Day 3rd October 2019
On Thursday we celebrated National Poetry Day. We began with an assembly where we were treated to some of the teachers reading their favorite poems. The theme this year is 'Truth' and Year 6 shared this message beautifully through their performance of 'Liar' by Rachel Rooney. Well done Year 6 and their fantastic teachers. Throughout the day the children enjoyed listening to poems, talking about poems exploring language and words to write their own poems. The day ended with a teacher swap where the children listened to a selection of different poems. The whole school enjoyed the day, the highlight for many of us the poem that Miss Barsby wrote!
Now I thought I’d be a keener, and write a new poem for you all. So if it’s rubbish, oh please don’t laugh, or I might just start to ball

I’ll cry my eyes out, I’ll have a strop, throw my hands up in the air, I’ll moan, I’ll whinge, say silly things, like ‘Christ Church, you’re so unfair’

So what is this poem all not love, or jokes, or creatures, it’s these worried faces spread around, it’s all about YOUR TEACHERS.

With Mrs Derringron, is where we’ll start, my raving bezzie mate, She’s fiery and fun, all rolled in one, she’s really rather great.

But did you know that she’s a groovy chick, who loves to go out dancing, She spins and jives around the floors, it’s really quite entrancing.

Now let’s move on, to the nuttiest teacher, who works here at our school, Her jokes will make you laugh so much, your tears will form a pool.

Oh you must have guessed who it is by now, the lady who’s name rhymes with ‘letters’
It’s our one and only, clown of the school, her name is MRS PETTERS

Now it’s time for Mr Cool, no not you Curry, it’s Mr Campbell, I hope I won’t get the sack for this, it’s really quite a gamble,

He’s energetic, passionate, our deputy, the Scot, He loves our school, so deeply, he really does a lot.

But did you know that, for his dinner, it’s not broccoli that he eats, Instead he sneaks off to his room and eats a gigantic bag of sweets.

Yes he scoffs them down at such a pace then leaves his room all happy, But don’t dare ask what’s round his chops or he might get rather snappy.

So now that you’re a little more enlightened about our teachers, I’ll leave it there, To share anymore, then I already have, would simply not be fair.
Miss Barsby
Sneaky Squid Squirts around, looking for a convincing Sound

His prey it fears his slimy grip. He loves to pounce, he loves to snip

All day long he sings his song like this: Hey I’m Sneaky Squid, the Sneakiest Squid alive, if you come diving you’re sure for a big Surprise!

Grace, 3TC