Music and Performance Events

Christ Church has Got Talent:
On Wednesday morning, the students from Reception to year 4 proved to us that beyond all measure of a doubt, Christ Church HAS got talent, and loads of it at that! We were treated to an incredibly sparkling display of creativity from the children during the Christ Church’s Got Talent show that lasted all morning. From Egyptian belly dancing and choreographed musical numbers to a harp performance and a joke telling duo, we laughed, we cried, we were astounded and amazed by the wonderful variety of acts we witnessed. We will be looking forward to the second instalment from our year 5s and 6s next week as they show off their talents on the penultimate day of term for Christ Church’s Got Talent, episode 2!
Joint Schools Concert:
Year 5 and KS2 choir performed in a joint schools concert in the Clifton College chapel on Tuesday evening. 74 children from Year 5 and KS2 choir have been rehearsing with the children at Clifton College over the previous term. This is the second occasion we have partnered with Clifton College for this concert. It was a magical occasion with exceptional performances from all of the children. Miss Moorman and the music teacher at the college achieved something very special with the children. The enjoyment and pride was tangible in the children’s singing. A huge thank you to all who supported the children on the night;parents, guests and staff at both schools. We have thanked the College for their hospitality, T-shirts and sharing their wonderful Chapel with us.
Year 3&4 Mini concert:
This morning the students from years 3 and 4 gave us a real treat in the form of an extraordinarily varied mini concert. We listened to choreographed singing ensembles, solo instrumental performances, electric guitar riffs, and the music genres ranged from folk songs to classical to good old fashioned rock and roll! All of the children practised so hard and performed so well, we were as proud as punch to see them up there like shining stars. Congratulations to all! A special mention goes out to Seth, who arranged and performed his own piano rendition of Life on Mars by Bowie. What a true star!
Easter Service:
Thank you to all who were able to join our Easter service at the Church on Thursday. It was a most enjoyable service to end our term. The children’s singing was beautiful, Reception looked fabulous in their Easter bonnets and we all felt a warm welcome from the Church.


Christmas Service:


Our Community choir opened the service with a few Christmas favourites and Year 3 led the Nativity story ably narrated by Joe and Lula. Miss Moorman had prepared some beautiful musical arrangements which our KS2 choir and ensembles sang most impressively, and Gin Woo performed a beautiful piece on the cello. It was a great way to end the term; thank you to the Church for their hospitality.


Harvest Festival at Christ Church
We were treated to a cacophony of music, singing, poetry and prayer by all years of the school at the Church this morning.  We have said thank you for the food, fish, plants, water and sunshine that make our lives so wonderful and full, and thought about those less fortunate than ourselves in parts of the world where there is drought and famine.
Thank you to the Church for hosting us, to the Christ Church community choir for singing us in, and to all the parents who came to join in our celebration.
A Very Hopeless Camel:
What a fabulous performance of a 'The Very Hopeless Camel' by our Years 1 and 2.  The children showed themselves to be very accomplished and comfortable on the stage; singing, dancing and speaking. Thank you for all who supported the singing, lighting, staging and costumes and to all who attended to show appreciation for the children's efforts.
Summer Concert at the Colston Hall
The KS2 choir had such an exciting day on Tuesday as we all trooped down to the Colston Hall to show off our best singing voices in the summer concert hosted by Bristol Plays Music. We sang our hearts out and displayed our best behaviour as one of the many schools who were singing en masse for “Sing Sing Sing!”. A special treat was in store for us – Naomi Wilkinson, from Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature and also Marrying Mum and Dad was hosting the event. Out of the 1,200 children that were participating, she chose two schools to interview on the microphone based on how well they were singing, and one of them was Christ Church! The children were quite star struck…and some of the adults might have been too! We had an absolutely fantastic afternoon and can’t wait for the next concert!
Steel Pans Yr 3:
This term Year 3 are lucky enough to be learning the steel pans. We are already thoroughly enjoying our lessons and beginning to make some beautiful sounds! Keep your eyes and ears pealed for more updates soon! Thank you to Bristol Plays Music for this wonderful opportunity!
African Drumming:
Year 2 had such a fantastic time with Adam from Chango Drumming. We learnt rhythms and songs, rooted in West African culture and each were given a real djembé to play on. We practised keeping a beat, explored the different sounds that could be made and played along to a traditional farming song.  
A Little Bird told Me:
What a delightful performance of a 'A little bird told me' by our youngest children in the school.  The children showed themselves to be very accomplished and comfortable on the stage; singing, dancing and speaking. Well done also to our Year 6's who supported them with excellent narating