KS2 Gym competition

20th May 2016

Gym competition

We had so much fun. At quarter past 11, the coach arrived and we clambered on. Once everyone was settled, we set off. As the excitement turned to nervous chatter, we arrived at the gym. Dumping our stuff in our changing room, we headed to the café for lunch. After the last few crumbs were devoured, we walked into the gymnasium ready to try our best. While the level 2s tried out the different apparatus, the level 1s stayed behind to begin the competition. Lining up for the vault, everyone could feel the tension in the air.

Having finished the vault, we started stretching, ready for our floor routine. Once the last gymnast had performed, we had a long rest while watching our competition. Then it was the level 2s turn to compete, whilst we had a go on the apparatus. As the results were presented at the end of the day we were understandable disappointed to be robbed of any podium places – Miss Barsby is convinced that there must have been a miscalculation somewhere! The year 5/6s are now looking forward to their next competition – cricket!

Reporters: Holly Howard and Holly Puttick