I need a hero!

13th November 2015

Well, we always knew that the Christ Church community love the challenge of a dress up day!

Friday 13th November saw an assortment of wild and wacky interpretations of the theme 'Who is your hero?'

The children and adults in school thought long and hard about who their hero or heroine was and dressed like them to raise money for the very worthwhile cause of 'Children In Need.'

From Florence Nightingale to Ronaldo, Nye Bevan to Darcey Bussel, the school was filled with costumes of those who have inspired admiration and respect in our school community. Particularly moving were those children who were dressed as their Mum or Dad....who could be more of an inspiration?! Well, perhaps our sadly missed Mr Hall, who made a surprise appearance as the hero of Mr Braithwaite.

Well done to everyone who took part in the spirit of the day.