House Event

3rd March 2017
Poetry and Storytelling House Event
Following auditions at the end of February where the standard was extremely high 32 children performed on Friday 3rd March in the house event finals. Children from Reception to Year 6 performed either a poem or a short story. The brief was 'by heart' and 'no longer than 5 minutes'. The children were amazing! The hall was silent as the children performed to the school community and a panel of 4 judges. We had a selection of poems, short stories and even a few performances where the children had written the poem themselves.
After sometime deliberating the judges chose 8 children who took either 1st or 2nd place for the age categories. The 1st place winners were awarded 300 house points and the 2nd place winners were awarded 200 house points. Everyone who auditioned got 20 points and the finalists all got 50 house points. The house that won the storytelling event with the most house points was the 'Hawks'.
The winning performances will be added to the website shortly for you to enjoy. 
Well done everyone. It was a great event and one that was enjoyed by the whole school community.