Harvest Celebration

19th October 2017
Our Harvest celebration at the Church was a wonderful way to gather together at the end of Term 1. It has been an extremely busy and successful start to our school year and we are all ready for an Autumnal interlude to recharge and refresh ready for Term 2. Year 5 recited a poem about the calm, quiet strength of a tree and it is these qualities that our school community has shown this term. A huge thank you to the entire staff team who have moved seamlessly from one event to the next with enthusiasm and drive to achieve the best with the children.
Community Choir
The Tree - Year 6
Autumn Leaves - Year 1
Collective Worship Group
Its harvest time - Year 3
The Tree - Year 5
Autumn Days - Whole School
Mmm Apple Pie - Year 2
I had a little nut tree - Reception
Harvest Samba - Whole School
Colours of the Wind - Year 4
Harvest Rock and Roll