• Mrs Gray

    Chair of Governors

It is a privilege to be Chair of Governors at Christ Church School. Our Governing Body consists of a dedicated group of volunteers from all walks of life who are passionate about promoting high standards of educational achievement.

We have a wonderful leadership team within the school, headed up by Clare Jones who has seen the school through a major construction project to facilitate our 2 form entry, in addition to the day to day running of the school. Our team of teachers and support staff are passionate about our school and work tirelessly to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment. We have a broad and varied curriculum which allows the children to learn new skills and try new experiences outside of ‘core’ subjects. We believe this develops children’s appetites for learning and enables them to express themselves outside of traditional academic subjects.

The key activities of the Governing Body are:

·         Promoting high educational standards and achievement;

·         Setting the school’s aims, values and ethos;

·         Monitoring the budget and making sure money is well spent;

·         Appointing senior staff;

·         Challenging and supporting the Head Teacher as a critical friend; and

·         Dealing with complaints about the school.

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  • Mrs Harford

    Community Governor, Chair of TLA Committee

  • Mr Shah

    Parent Governor, Chair of Finance Commitee

  • Rev Langham

    Foundation Trustee

  • Mrs Coller

    Foundation Governor

  • Mr Green

    Community Governor

  • Mrs Richardson

    Staff Governor

  • Mrs Claire Woodman Smith

    Parent Governor

  • Mrs Sara Haines

    Clerk to Governors

Objective of the Governing Body:

 The Governing Body has three primary roles:

  • To provide strategic direction for the school

  • To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the senior leadership team

  • To ensure accountability

The Governing Body is responsible for both the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards. Together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day to day management, the governing body carries out its role by setting the vision, aims and policies for the school. The governing body then ensures that the school works efficiently and effectively towards achieving its vision. It does this by building a thorough knowledge of the school and its community, by both supporting and constructively challenging the school, and by ensuring accountability and compliance.

Structure of the Governing Body:

The Governing body of our school is made up of parent, community, staff, local authority and foundation governors. When vacancies arise for Governors, these are advertised within the school and local community.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets once each term. The Governors are responsible for setting specific policies, adopting and monitoring the budget, authorising expenditure, evaluating the performance of the school by the use of pupil progress and other measures, and making decisions about the running of the Academy and staff appointments.

The FGB establishes an overall framework for the governance of the Academy and determines membership, terms of reference and procedures of Committees and other groups. It receives reports including policies from its Committees for ratification. It monitors the activities of the Committees through the minutes of their meetings.

Governing Body Minutes

Minutes from the previous 12 months can be read by following the appropriate links.  If you wish to read minutes from any earlier meetings please contact the Clerk using the governors' email address above.

Note no meeting in Term 5
  • Mrs Jones


  • Mr Greg Campbell

    Deputy Headteacher, Associate

  • Mrs Jordan

    Company Secretary

  • Mr Walther

    Co-opted Governor

  • Mr Adams

    Community Governor

  • Rev Shepherd

    Foundation Governor

  • Mr Skirrow

    Parent Governor

  • Mr Paul Mugford

    Community Governor

There are 2 sub-committees, meeting once a term, operating as follows:

  • Finance and Resources Committee - responsible for monitoring and reviewing policy and performance in relation to financial management, compliance with reporting and regulatory requirements and reporting, receiving reports from the Responsible Officer and drafting the annual budget including setting staffing levels. It also incorporates the role of an audit committee and is responsible for Health and Safety.
  • Teaching Learning and Achievement Committee - monitors, evaluates and reviews Academy policy, practice and performance in relation to curriculum planning, target setting and assessment.  It particularly focuses on the Raise Online statistics and the trends in our pupils' performance as shown by them.  The committee also considers pastoral issues and the ethos of the school, which include safeguarding/child protection, the provision for pupils with special educational needs, attendance and punctuality, as well as the broader issues of personal development and well-being for all.

The Trustees and FGB have devolved responsibility for day-to-day management of the Academy to the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT comprises the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Leaders and the Business Manager. The SLT implement the policies laid down by the Governors and report back to them on performance.   


Communication with Governors

The schools Governors are listed adjacent.  Please feel free to approach any of the Governors or email with concerns or ideas that you would like to raise.  The governors do not get involved in the day-to-day management of the school but please do raise constructive ideas on improvements to the functioning of the school.  Please note that it is not appropriate to raise issues concerning an individual child.  These should be raised with class teachers or the Headteacher and there is a school policy on how to resolve issues.

Three times a year the Governors will issue a newsletter to the school community outlining the current focus of the Governing Body.  Minutes of the FGB meetings will be posted on the school website once they are ratified at the subsequent FGB. 

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