History of the school site:
Christ Church C of E Primary School was founded in 1852 and was originaly based in what is now the Clifton Village Library.  After the second world war, increasing demand for places meant a necessary relocation of the school to a larger site.  Several areas around Clifton were considered.  The Royal Park square location was chosen where some large Victorian houses had fallen into disrepair after the war and were being demolished.  A 'state of the art' modern school was built on the site and opened in 1967. 
In the subsequent nearly 60 years, the school thrived and increasing demand for places saw temporary buildings being located in the school playground. The school expanded from 1 form to 1.5 form entry.  
School facilities:
Christ Church C of E Primary School is a 2 form entry school educating boys and girls aged 4- 11 years. 
Classroom learning: 
Our school is single storey.  We have 14 modern classrooms with fresh colour schemes,  the latest ICT technology and every classroom with direct access to the outside play and learning area.  Classrooms are arranged around the school building such that children start at one of the school and journey around through the year groups, finishing in Year 6 at the classrooms at the other end of the school.  There are individual areas of the building dedicated to Reception, to Infants (Years 1&2) and Juniors (Years 3-6) but it is very important to us that all year groups work within the same building.  This gives each child a sense of place within their part of the school but also enables the school to work together as a unit, building social skills, a sense of community and support between year groups.
Cross Curricular learning:
At Christ Church School we believe that it is important to also learn away from the form classroom. 
We have a number of fantastic facilities to support this and the new practical curriculum. 
Our practical room in the centre of the school enables Art, DT and Science to take place in a different and creative environment (which can be made messy and easily cleaned up outside of the classroom!).  We are very lucky in having a kiln located off the practical room and the quality of pots and sculptures produced by all years of the school is just incredible! 
Our food technology room is located near the practical room and can be used in conjunction with it for intervention groups or whole class cooking and food tech.  One pupil while doing a food tech class making triangular biscuits was heard to say 'this is the best maths lesson ever!' They then went on to describe which of the biscuits were equilateral, isosceles and scalene!
As you come into the school entrance you are greeted by the multi media learning resource centre, where children can research through books, magazines or computers.  This area is a hub of acitvity during the school day where whole class learning, small groups and teachers working preparing exciting lessons while being in the 'thick of it' can be found!
In the centre of the school are two activity halls, connected with a bi-folding door that enables us to operate one big space or two smaller spaces.  When the bi-folding door is closed, there is absolute accoustic separation between the two spaces such that one year group can be singing loudly in one space and another year group can be doing PE in the other!  When the bi- folding door is open, this also creates a fantastic perfomance theatre across the 2 rooms, aided by the new stage lighting and sound system. 
The halls are also used for assembly and hot and cold school lunches.  Although normally operating on Infants and Juniors dinner time seatings to ease kitchen operation, for the Christmas lunch the whole school was seated within the 2 halls, creating a wonderful festive atmosphere and utilising the sound and lighting system for Christmas Karaoke!
The halls, practical and food tech room are used constantly during the school day, and also by the After School Club to run a range of sporting and creative clubs after school every day. 
To the side of the main hall is a music room where a range of musical instruments are stored and peripathetic music lessons are held.  By luck, this room is virtually soundproof, enabling even drumming to be offered as a music lesson!    
In summer 2012 Christ Church School converted to an Oftsed 'outstanding' stand alone academy.  Increasing demand meant that pressure was on to expand again to a 2 form entry (60 children intake) school, but with very little space to do this. 
In 2014 Christ Church School succesfully bid for a large capital funding project to completely renovate the school, remove the temporary buildings from site and build a new wing and games court. 
The building project was on site for 14months and completed in September 2015. 
The school is set in a beautiful square in Clifton, where we have been able to retain many mature trees, enabling us to have a variety of outside space from green grassy avenues where the crocuses and daffodils come out, to shaded woodland areas which a rubber bonded mulch surface has made accessible all year, to a natural conservation area with a pond, and a contemplative courtyard for outdoor learning.  Children play imaginatively on pirate ships, timber forts, climbing frames and stretch themselves on the timber trail. 
We are delighted to have a permeable tarmac sports pitch with lighting, enabling sports to be played during lunchtimes, PE lessons and sports clubs all year round.   
It is a school to be proud of, full of wonderful children who do it justice!